Apple Panic.

In the days before Mario, Sonic, and all the rest, platformers were a lot simpler. In fact, you were lucky at all if you had a jump button. More often than not, like in this particular curiosity, all you had was a shovel and a bunch of ladders. Apple Panic’s a lot more like an action-focused Lode Runner, a game based more on quick reflexes than strategic planning. You control a farmer, out to bury a bunch of weird looking things that the game assures us are apples.

Apples that are trying to kill you, but apples nonetheless. You kill apples by digging holes in the ground with your shovel, and waiting for an apple to fall in one. Once you’ve got them trapped, you bash their heads in with a shovel for points. The more holes that they fall through, the more points you’ll earn. Once you destroy all the apples, you get a time bonus and go on to the next stage. It’s a decently fun game, although there are a few issues. Your farmer is constantly moving, which can make it hard to put holes exactly where you want them. You also want to make sure you don’t hit the fire button more than once when digging holes, or else you’ll fill it right up again. If you’re into these sorts of classic-style arcade games, this more than likely won’t bother you, but if you’re the type who feels naked without at least 16 colours, you might be into something a little more modern. It’s not a terrible game, just very… old-fashioned.

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