8-BIT KIDS - Growing up with the C64 Book.

With this project, Koen De Brabander hopes to bring you into his world of growing up with THE Commodore 64. The book will take you back in time and hopefully give you the feel of how an 80s youngster’s life revolved around this machine. Just imagine your teenage bedroom full of friends and this shiny Commodore.

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C64: A Visual Commpendium Book Review

Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium

For those who grew up during the 80's you will no doubt have fond memories of the Speccy and C64 era of gaming. This book aims to celebrate one of those iconic systems, the C64, in visual form. What’s more, the book is born out of a very successful Kickstarter campaign and one that Sam aims to follow up shortly with a new book for Amiga fans.

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RVG Interviews Sam Dyer (Bitmap Books).

RVG Interviews Sam Dyer.

It gives me great please to announce our next interview is with Sam Dyer. Sam is the brains behind Bitmap Books who started out withsome hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for for Retro Gaming Books.

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RVG Interviews Jim Bagley.

RVG Interviews Jim Bagley.

With over 27 years in the business Jim Bagley is a legend in the games industry! He has worked for companies such as Ocean Software, Special FX, Rage and Ignition Entertainment. You can look at his website HERE for a full bio of his work.

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RVG Interviews Andrew Hewson.


On of the true pioneers of the UK computer industry, Hewson started off publishing books and games for the humble Sinclair ZX81 before working their way up to the 16-bit home computers and consoles. 21st Century Entertainment were started up not long after Hewson left the scene and are most famous for their hugely popular pinball games.

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Unofficial CD32 Release - Team 17 : The Complete Amiga Works


It's been nearly 4 weeks since my last release, that's because I've been busy with my largest release to date, i can finally present to you - Team 17 : The Complete Amiga Works.

Containing 31 of their finest games from their Team 7 developed games in 1990 to their swansong Amiga release in 1997, this release contains them all, and for the first time they are all playable on a stock CD32!

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The 64 - A new way to play C64.


THE 64 ™ – Our version of the global bestselling Computer is here!

THE 64 ™ is here and has bought it’s handheld cousin along for the ride! The world’s bestselling single computer model has been re-imagined in both computer and handheld console versions!

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The SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub releasing as a free update on Steam, get ready to load on April 28th.

The new update includes:




RVG friend and forum member has recently completed this amazing custom build Neo Geo MVS system dubbed STARFORCE NEO.

Built inside a converted 1982 Minitel 1 case, the system features an original SNK MV-1B motherboard which means the games aren’t emulated, authentic Seimitsu buttons and joystick for single player action, two additional Neo Geo compatible controller input ports at the back and all of the same features as SNK’s classic Neo Geo arcade cabinets.

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RVG Interviews Anthony Guter (Mastertronic).


Here's our interview with Anthony Guter, who worked for the amazing Mastertronic as the Financial Controller until 1989 and then Systems Manager.

Thank you for agreeing to do this Anthony.

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RVG Interviews Rebellion.


I am pleased to reveal our interview with Rebellion Co-Founder Jason Kingsley, i would personally like to thanks Jason for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Here are just some of Rebellions back catalogue of games.

Rebellion have released games like:
1993    Eye of the Storm
1994    Checkered Flag
1994    Alien vs Predator

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Husband Chores

It is always nice to have a new spectrum title to review. Since the homebrew scene is strong and full of talented people, there is never a shortage. The latest game I get to review is a simulation game called Husband Chores by Sebastian Mihai.

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I was a shooter fan back in the 80’s; I played plenty of other genres too, of course, but gimme a good blaster any day and I was happy. And in 1987, Hewson were quickly becoming my favourite software house; they’d already released quality run and gunner Exolon and the fantastic “it couldn’t be done” Uridium and would soon be unleashing the fighting machine, Cybernoid; in the meantime I had the horizontally scrolling R-Type-esque Zynaps.

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They said it couldn’t be done – yet it was! Uridium was a stonewall C64 scrolling shooter and one particularly suited to the Spectrum’s great rival. Most publishers would likely have left it at that, but with ace Speccy programmer Dominic Robinson up their sleeve, Hewson decided to see what he could do.

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The Way We Played

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Donkey Kong Arcade Machine – The Home Straight - Part 2

Part 2 – The Home Straight


So in Part 1 you will have followed my journey so far in restoring this beat up Donkey Kong cab. I felt I was in the home straight now – it was time for some artwork to be applied to the sides of the cab. This part scared me to death, because once the art is on, it’s on. You can’t get it wrong, there are no second chances. So here it is. A step by step guide to applying side art:

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Donkey Kong Arcade Machine – Raising The Dead - Part 1

Part 1 – Raising The Dead


I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to build arcade cabinets from the ground up on a factory production line back in the early 1980s. Rumour has it that those employed by Atari in California to hand build the classic cabs we know and love, were largely low-paid, permanently stoned hippies and Mexicans (am I allowed to say that?!). Some even go as far to say that the unique musty arcade “smell” you get when you switch on a thirty year old arcade cabinet is part weed, infused into the wood of the machines by the workers smoking on joints all day on the production lines.

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